About Us


Our Core Values

1. Constructive Fellowship- To always strive putting the interests of the community first.

1. Respect and Mindfulness- Not to step on anybody's toes and be steadfast to forgive, encourage and empower one another.

2. Integrity- To be honest and very ethical amongst us and others.

3. Inclusiveness and Equality-Remove all complexes vis-a-vis all races, ethnicities and social classes- To take all fear, shame, doubt, and worries when dealing with people of different background. To cultivate an environment where everyone matters.

4. Have Aspiration for Greatness- To build, maintain and sustain positive attitudes.

5. Leadership and Service- To serve everyone in the community with humility and love while making and inspiring new and future leaders. 

6. Be Culturally cultivated- To understand, to live and to apply our cultures in our daily activities.


Our Vision and Mission

YADI’s Moto is "Moving forward. Making Africa Greater"

The mission of Young African Diaspora Initiative "YADI" is to facilitate the social, cultural and economic education of all the people of African descent (including African Americans) to inform them about their roots and their country of origin while engaging in constructive socio-cultural and socio-economic developments.

The vision is to solidly establish and to streamline the most efficient and effective peer-to-peer network amongst the US-African Diaspora, other African Diaspora around the world and the young African professionals/scholars living in Africa.

Discover out our mission trip to African Countries and our YADI fellowship program


 The YADI Leaders Planning Committee continues to plan & organize events in addition to YADI Camp and YADI Mission Trips, like YADI Meetups and others. If you are interested in helping drive the future of all YADI Leaders activities, please join us in our Whatsapp / Google Group today.  

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Since March 2018, we have the honor of hosting YADI Networking-Exchange. YADI Wealth Legacy, YADI_Camp and YADI Mission-Fellowship within and from the United States to various African Countries… Learn More Now