YADI Special Conversation

<<<<< It is all about YADI Leaders!!! Calling for People of African Descent in the Americas to Connect with Mother Africa.

What is YADI Camp

UnConferenced Summit

The collaborative "unconference" event consisting of promoting the opportunities within the people of African descents communities in North America, to exchange on economic and financial issues-solutions and to educate one another about the African Union Agenda and African opportunities by means of conversational in town-hall style meetings and debate settings.

Audience Driven

This will be an all-day event with four-five (4-5) 60-minute simultaneous classroom sessions with a total of 16-20 sessions suggested by the attending audience prior to the conference;
Whereas various experienced leaders will exchange with the upcoming young leaders (academic, professional and entrepreneurial),

Educationally hands-on

Participating leaders in the financial, investment industries and business development will present with hands-on tools on how to help Africa grow economically and socially through strategic wealth creation. This part of the event offers a range of opportunities to advance your financial independence, grow your business portfolio and to acquire knowledge to strategically advance in assets creation and more.