Young African Diaspora Initiative Fellowship and Mission Trips

 Congratulations and welcome to all Young African Diaspora Fellows! Since 2018, we have had the honor of hosting the YADI Fellowship in the United States and Starting 2019 we will have the Mission trips to various African countries. In collaboration with the African Union and other organizations, we are establishing dynamic and world’s leading Socio-cultural, Business and Entrepreneurship Programs that will allow the fellows and their African based peers to enhance, to adapt and to apply their experience, expertise and knowledge in various fields and areas of life. 


The goals of the Socio-cultural, Business and Entrepreneurship Programs are to: 

  • Deepen your knowledge of the different social life, political and economic sectors with renowned tour guides.
  • Develop your ability to represent your business or areas of interest through practical coaching focused on public speaking, making plans, and designing your strategic collaboration plans. 
  • Improve your servant leadership skills through workshops focused on personal growth as well as community service activities at local institutions; private, public, government and NGOs
  • Connect you with successful peers and leaders in the visiting countries through site visits, networking nights, and our peer collaborators program
  • Enrich your African cultural experience through visits to nearby cultural attractions as well as an overnight home-stay with a local host.

In partnership with the African Union, the local and international organizations, we have planned a dynamic, customized program that provides rigorous professional and socioeconomic exchange. As fellows, you will learn from local professionals and academia, the professionals who lived and studied in the local and western countries, professors and network with successful entrepreneurs.
We will keep you busy during this program! A typical day includes 3-5 hours of networking, community service, site visits and entertainment activities throughout the afternoon and evening. You will have to write a daily journal throughout the mission trip, so expect to spend time once e a week preparing presentation assignments.
You are required to attend all planned activities as part of your agreement for participation in the YADI Fellowship and Mission Trip program.


Key themes of the content include: 

  • How to use your current knowledge, expertise and experience in the visiting country while applying the adaptive Method  based on data collected locally to continually refine your business model
  • The importance of innovation in every aspect of your business or areas of interest
  • How to grow your company and knowledge in an African constrained environment
  • Why a top-down management approach is a recipe for stagnant growth
  • How to empower your local peers and other locals to treat your customers like valued members of their family
  • How to pitch your business to African customers, partners, employees and investors

Site Visits
Site visits will allow experiential learning that are excellent for bringing lessons learned to life. You will make visits to local and multinational corporations, non-profit organizations, government and public offices.

Leadership Sessions
Leadership training sessions are designed to provide you with additional leadership skills to enhance your leadership capacity in Africa and your home countries (USA and other western countries).  We will conduct leadership training sessions on topics including: 

  • Micro Leadership: Lead Yourself First
  • Building Bridges: Global Learning
  • Macro Leadership: Create a Culture
  • Sustainable Leadership: Building Emotional Resilience


 The program includes a variety of networking forums for you to connect with the African social, civil and business communities.
Peer Collaborator Program: You will be matched one-to-one with young African professionals working in the same sector. Peer Collaborators will meet twice a week to share experiences and explore new opportunities for the growth of their businesses. And they will follow up by creating group exchange on socio-professional media called YADI World

Networking: Hosted at partner organizations around the city or town our networking events bring together professionals from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in internationalizing their networking by getting connected with YADI Fellows.
Independent Networking Time: You will have one free afternoon each week to independently schedule meetings that benefit their business endeavors. We encourage you to begin setting up meetings as soon as you receive the program calendar.  


The daily dress code for our program is Business Casual. Business Casual attire includes: khaki pants, slacks, skirts, capris or dresses along with button-down shirts, polo shirts, and/or blouses. Traditional clothing is also welcome. Additionally, there are some events -- such as the closing summit and the pitch competition -- where more formal business dress is appropriate.
The weather in the African countries are very hot and humid. However, our indoor areas are well air-conditioned. We recommend bringing a mixture of light, warm weather clothing along with some jackets to keep you comfortable. You will be walking at least several kilometers a day, so please bring comfortable walking shoes.  


You will be involved in weekly community service activities to assist the locals understand the role of volunteerism and teach your counterparts or peers how giving in society in important (Social Impact). Local leaders will share information about the community needs their organizations address and how they succeed.



March 27- Closing Date for registration
May 26 - June 17 - Mission Trip 2019 Q2
August 27- Closing Date for registration
October 27 - November 17 – Mission Trip 2019 Q4


As a part of the YADI Mission program, you will receive or purchase an Accident and Sickness insurance coverage. The plan shall provide travel health insurance coverage for the duration of the program. Find information about medical emergencies, health care providers and pharmacies on the hosting countries please contact the YADI program coodinator 

During the program, you will live in a house or compound. Each bedroom / sleeping areas will be shared between four to eight fellows of the same gender. Roommate assignments will be distributed at check-in. Located in residential area. You shall bring sleeping bags for backups. Each house is pre-furnished, including a fully functional kitchen where you can make home-cooked meals.
House Features

  • Fully Furnished
  • Kitchenware
  • Dishwasher
  • Private Bathrooms
  • Air-conditioning or Ceiling fans
  • Closets
  • Cable TV
  • High-speed Internet
  • Maids (cleaning crew, cooks and errand person)

Building Features 

  • Living rooms, patios and Lounges
  • Fitness Center (Gym-TBD)
  • Controlled access to compound or house
  • Patrol guards

Transportation accommodation
Airlines from USA to the designated African country
SUVs or minibuses (Local transportation) with chauffeurs

Your designated program coordinators are:
-Program Director
-US Program Coordinator
-Hosting Country Program Coordinator
-Multi-lingual tour facilitators 


Leading American multinational investment bank and financial services company has recently started an aggressive recruitment drive worldwide, through a referral program. There are positions available in virtually all disciplines, for experienced professionals as well as recent college graduates.

If you are interested in a rewarding career in the financial services industry, please forward a copy of your resume to youngafricandiaspora@gmail.com. Once submitted, an official email will be sent from the company to apply officially for the position

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